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The examinations Council of Eswatini is also known as the Examinations Council of Swaziland (ECOS). The ECOS is the first quasi-Government organization in the country responsible for administering examinations and issuing certificates.

The Examinations Council was established through the Education Act No. 9 of 1981. Since then they have provided quality education from Primary education to higher-level education.

“To provide efficient examination management and administration service at an affordable price”

Examinations Council of EswatiniHowever, to maintain high educational standards and an internationally recognized Swaziland General Certificate of Secondary Education (SGCSE) Qualification, ECOS works in close collaboration with the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Examinations Council of Eswatini Result 2022

One of the main functions of ECOE is to conduct national-level examinations and published the examination results. Besides, they issue certificates to primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary school graduates.

Eswatini Primary Certificate Examination (EPC)

Primary school education begins for children at age seven, at the end of which students take the external primary school certificate exam. Primary education in Eswatini begins at the age of six. After 7 years of schooling i.e. at the end of class 7th, the Primary School Examination (SPC) is conducted by the ECOE.

Time Table

In general, the Eswatini Primary Certificate Examination is held in October, last year the written examination was started on 10th October and finished on 14th October. Besides the practical examination was concluded by the 30th of October.

Junior Certificate (JC)

Primary school is followed by junior secondary school which is three years. The secondary and high school education system in Eswatini is a five-year program divided into three years of junior secondary and two years of senior secondary.

There is an external public examination (Junior Certificate) at the end of the junior secondary years which students must pass to progress to the senior secondary level. The Examination Council of Swaziland (ECOS) administers this examination.

Examination Result 2022

November Exam Results Should you need these results please e-mail the Computer Section of the Exams Council stating the Exam Number or the Exam (SPC/JC/SGCSE), Centre Name and the Candidate Name.

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