Matokeo Ya Mtihani 2023/24

Matokeo Ya Mtihani 2022-2023 – (Matokeo GoTz) matokeo ya mtihani – a portal of matokeo 2022. All Tanzania Examination Results (Matokeo) NECTA matokeo darasa and Universities. Baraza la Mitihani la Taifa (NECTA) limetangaza matokeo ya Mtihani.  The official website of NECTA is 

Matokeo Ya Mtihani 2023/24

Matokeo Ya Mtihani i.e. examination results in Tanzania are given below. All the primary, secondary, and higher secondary examination results can be checked online at this website. Moreover, we will help you to show other examination results like universities’ semester exams, vocational examinations etc.

Sl No. Examination Category Release Date Status
1 Matokeo Ya Darasa La Saba 2023 PSLENECTA, Std 7, VII 20 October 2023* Unpublish
2 Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Pili 2023 Form Two, FTNA, 9th January 2023 Unpublish
3. Matokeo Kidato Cha Nne 2023 Form Four,  CSEE 9th January 20232 Unpublish
4. Matokeo Kidato Cha Sita 2023 Form Six, ACSEE 11 July 2023* Unpublish
5 Std IV, SFNA 9th January 2023 Unpublish
6 Matokeo Ya QT 2023 QT 9th January 2023 Unpublish

* All dates are tentative.

Matokeo Ya Mtihani 2023/24

Matokeo GoTz

Description of ‘Star Codes’ Used by NECTA in Examination Results

  • S: Results suspended pending clarification of observed anomalies either in candidates’ entry details, involvement in cases of irregularities or misconduct in the examination. Results were suspended due to centers or schools’ failing to meet registration requirements (i.e. centers with less than 35 candidates).
  •  E: Results withheld, pending proof of candidates’ payment of requisite examination fees.
  • I: Incomplete results due to candidates’ missing Continous Assessment(CA) scores in one or more subjects offered but not all.
  •  W: Results withheld/nullified or canceled due to proven candidate’s involvement in cases of dishonesty or irregularities before, during, or after the examinations.
  •  T: Results suspended due to candidates’ attempting one or more subjects not registered for (pirate candidate).
  • ABS: Candidate missed taking the Exam.
  • FLD: Candidate failed the Exam.
  • X: Candidate did not appear to take the exam for the particular registered subject

Tanzania’s education

Tanzania’s educational trajectory is deeply anchored in a system that places great significance on examination results, popularly known as “Matokeo Ya Mtihani” in the nation’s primary language, Swahili. Translating to “exam results” in English, this metric is key to charting a student’s academic journey and potential vocational avenues.

I. Matokeo Ya Mtihani: The Pillar of Academic Progress

At the heart of Tanzania’s educational measurement, Matokeo Ya Mtihani serves as an academic progress marker. It forms the bedrock for gauging a student’s proficiencies, abilities, and knowledge across a variety of subjects. The scores achieved in these exams have direct implications on higher education opportunities and the future careers that students may opt for.

In addition, these examination outcomes are integral to Tanzania’s educational strategies. They align with the broader intent of delivering quality education to all, a principle enshrined in the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

II. The Examination Framework in Tanzania

The country’s systematic examination process is orchestrated by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA). NECTA supervises national-level examinations spanning primary, secondary, and advanced secondary education phases.

  1. Standard Seven National Examinations: Serving as the culminating exams for primary education, the results (Matokeo Ya Darasa la Saba) of these tests establish a student’s readiness to transition to secondary education.
  2. Form Two National Assessment (FTNA): This test serves as a mid-term evaluation during the four-year cycle of ordinary secondary education.
  3. Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE): Also referred to as the Form Four National Examination, the outcomes of this exam (Matokeo Ya Kidato cha Nne) assess whether a student is eligible for advanced secondary education.
  4. Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE): Commonly known as Form Six National Examinations, the outcomes (Matokeo Ya Kidato cha Sita) from these tests evaluate a student’s eligibility for tertiary education.

III. Roadblocks and Evolution

Despite providing a solid infrastructure for assessing student competency, Matokeo Ya Mtihani faces several hurdles. There are rising concerns regarding student stress, the precision and equity of assessments, and the performance gap between students in urban and rural regions.

The Tanzanian government, leveraging assistance from a myriad of international entities, has kick-started numerous initiatives to metamorphose the educational sphere, including issues related to the examination structure. These initiatives aim to bolster the standard of education, revamp pedagogical methods, and advocate the integration of technology in the realm of education.

Additionally, the government has prioritized enhancing transparency around Matokeo Ya Mtihani. The examination outcomes are now available online, offering a convenient and user-friendly platform for students and parents to access and interpret the examination scores.

Contact Address

  • The Executive Secretary,
  • The National Examinations Council of Tanzania
  • P.O. BOX 2624 OR 32019
  • Dar es Salaam.
  • +255-22-2700493 – 6/9
  • +255-22-2775966