REB Results 2023: National Exam Result

REB Results: Rwanda Education Board (REB) 2023 National Examination Result Students can Check REB P6, S3, and S6 results online using Registration No and SMS via Mobile.

Rwanda Education Board (REB) is Rwanda’s national education assessment body. The board is responsible for improving the education quality in Rwanda. In addition, the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Education strives to improve access to and quality education, specifically in basic education, which will contribute to improving the quality and youth literacy rate.

REB National Exam Result 2023

The total number of learners registered in the Rwandan education system in 2018 was 3,626,362 with 94,699 staff and 13,012 schools. The participation rate of learners aged is as follows.

  • 4-6 years (Nursery age group),
  • 7-12 years (primary age group),
  • 13-18 years (secondary age group) and
  • 19- 23 years (tertiary age group)

Rwanda Education Board (REB) Results 2023

REB Results 2023

The Rwanda Education Board (REB) administered the following national examination. The major functions are conducting the examination and publishing the results. In addition, setting up the National examination timetables.

  1. S6 Results: Advanced Secondary School level
  2. S3 Results: Ordinary Secondary School level
  3. P6 Results: Primary Leaving National Examination:

Expected Date of Results 2023

The following table shows the list of national exams and the expected date of result publication online. Rwanda Education Board (REB) is likely to be released the result on the following tentative dates. In general, the P6 and S3 results were published on the same day.

National Examinations

Tentative Date

P6: Primary Leaving National Examination December 15, 2023
S3: Ordinary Secondary School level December 15, 2023
S6: Advanced Secondary School level December 15, 2023

How to check REB results online?

The Rwanda Education Board (REB) allows students to check their national exam results in multiple ways. The easiest way to check it is online. Just pick up your mobile or computer with an internet connection and follow the steps below.

  1. Open your browser and type or NESA results 2023
  2. On the right-hand side click on “Result 2023”
  3. Then a new page will open on the REB website
  4. Now select your exam name like S3 | S6 | P6
  5. Hole you know your registration number so type it in the textbook.
  6. Finally, click on the search button.

Note: Students can download the result slip for future reference only.

reb results 2023 online

How to check REB results via SMS?

This is another easy to get result grade marks through mobile SMS. In general, all national exam results can be checked using the mobile SMS technique. The S3, S6, and P3 students can easily obtain examination results via SMS. Important all SMS are chargeable therefore before sending an SMS, the candidate must know whether the result is published or not.

For example, if I am an S3 Student and My Reg Number is 23565458, then I shall send the SMS code S323565458 Send it to 4891. The same format will be applicable to S6 and P6 students. Just add either S6 or P3 before your registration number and send it to 4891.

How to check REB results via SMS?


In recent years, the REB exam results have shown a steady improvement in the performance of students across the country. The pass rate for both the PLE and NESE exams has increased, and the number of students scoring high marks has also risen. This is a positive indication of the progress being made in the education system in Rwanda.

Despite the progress, there is still room for improvement in the REB exam results. The REB and other government agencies are working to address issues such as access to education, teacher training, and educational resources in order to continue to improve the performance of students on the REB exams.

Overall, the REB exam results are a crucial indicator of the performance of the education system in Rwanda and have a significant impact on the academic and career prospects of individual students. The steady improvement in recent years is a positive sign, but there is still work to be done to ensure that all students have access to quality education.

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